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Ceiling Fan Remote Control
Part No: JY326B-1/JY622CF
   AC120V, 60HZ
   Fan Speed: (HI/MED/LOW/OFF), Timer (0.5-24Hrs)
Thermostat, C/F Program.
  Light: Dimmer, ON/OFF, Timer, (0.5-24Hrs) Delay

Ceiling Fan Remote Control
Part No: JY708R/E01BT
   AC120V, 60HZ
   Fan speed (HI, MED, LOW, OFF), F/R
   Light: Up light: ON/OFF/Dimmer, 
   Down light: ON/OFF/Dimmer 
(Dimmer for Tungsten Bulb)
Ceiling Fan Remote Control
Part No: JY200/E01BT
    AC120V, 60HZ
    Fan speed: HI/MED/LOW/OFF.
    Light: Up light (ON/OFF)
        Down Light: (ON/OFF)
(Dimmer for Tungsten Bulb)
Ceiling Fan Capacitors
Model: CBB61
   50/60Hz, C+/-5%
   Temp: +70C.
Sizes ranges:
   For all ceiling fans
42", 4 Blade bell mount ceiling fan with 3-light kit, polished brass finish
52", antique brass ceiling fan with light
This is energy-saving ceiling fan series with dc brushless motor technique. Click Here for detail features and benefit of owning this ceiling fan.
Pull Chains
 Length Range:   
Knob Finish:
 Antique Brass
 Satin Finish
 Rubber Ball, etc.
Are you looking for a ceiling fan remote control replacement? 

You've come to the right page for your ceiling fan remote control replacement needs. Lightingindoors.com has now grown to be one of the leading suppliers of ceiling fan remote control and wall control systems. Over the past decade, we have ventured into ceiling fan remote control business with products such as universal ceiling fan remote control conversion kit, thermostatic fan remote control system and wall control switch for ceiling fans. We provide ceiling fan remote control replacement solutions and surely you will find a replacement remote control for your fan right at this store.

Listed below are our most popular ceiling fan remote control products for replacement needs. 

Ceiling Fan Remote Control

Many ceiling fans are now equipped with the wireless remote control system. This feature offers full operation of the fan (and light attachment) from any location within a reasonable distance. This can be especially beneficial in adjusting the ceiling fan and lights without having to get up and operate a wall switch or pull-chain.

Some ceiling fan remote control systems are not built into the fans. However there is a factory default option added and can be used for future installation at an additional cost. Usually these ceiling fans consist of a remote receiver wired to the fan inside the ceiling canopy and the fan may still have a pull-chain that is not used. If this is the case, then the receiver can be removed and replaced with our universal remote control /receiver conversion kit to turn your regular ceiling fan into a remote controllable one.

If your ceiling fan remote is lost or broken regardless of your fan model, our company could offer you a universal remote control designed to work with the majority of different brands of ceiling fans. In addition, if you need detailed help in replacing/installing a remote control system for your ceiling fan, please refer to the installation manual that come with the kit. Here you will have find a step by step guide that you can follow for ceiling fan remote control replacement.

Lightingindoors.com specializes in ceiling fan capacitors, ceiling fan remote controls, lighting fixtures and ceiling fan parts and replacement.

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